Marc Rendino


- Experience -

Systems Engineer, Dealer Dot Com Inc, 2011-present.
Using Agile & DevOps methodologies, to build, maintain and scale high-performance and highly-available distributed systems infrastructure for thousands of client sites and services, worldwide, with many of the latest open-source technologies - as well as, mentoring junior engineers in best-practices.

Adjunct Professor, Champlain College, 2013-present.
UNIX / Linux Systems Administration I (NET-260); UNIX / Linux Systems Administration II (NET-360).

Vice President, v4ei Inc., 2008-2015.
Technical lead for web services development and hosting, including multiple database-driven e-commerce sites.

Sr. Bioinformatics IT Professional, Vermont Genetics Network / UVM, 2009-2011.
Designed and developed large-scale, highly-available collaborative research systems in genomic sequencing and annotation for the NorthEast Cyberinfrastructure Consortium (NECC), integrating resources and expertise across institutions throughout its five member states (VT, NH, ME, DE and RI) by using both local NECC resources and virtualized services such as Amazon (AWS) Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2).

Sr. Systems and Network Analyst, Jager Di Paola Kemp, Burlington, VT, 2006-2008.
Responsible for worldwide operations of electronic infrastructure facilitating ground-breaking design. Including: LAN / WAN / WLAN; information security; authentication and identity management; storage systems; DR / business continuity; physical infrastructure.

Information Services Director, Jager Di Paola Kemp, Burlington, VT, 2000-2006.
Led a team of IS professionals in all aspects of worldwide IS operations, supporting 2D and 3D graphics, animation, sound and video; forging the technologies into well-honed tools that enable the creative energy to be expressed in the design.

IT Director,, Colchester, VT, March 2000-October 2000.
Managed all aspects of internal and external networks used for design and publishing of the leading forestry products and information database, including technology planning and implementation, vendor and customer relations, and internal support.

Senior Systems Engineer, UNICOM / Apple Computer, Providence, RI, 1997-1999.
Provided technical expertise and leadership to drive sales of computer and associated technologies / services to Higher Education institutions throughout New England.

Lead Engineer, Laureate Learning Systems, Winooski, VT, 1987-1997.
Assumed wide-ranging responsibilities including the design, implementation, maintenance, and user support of: commercial software, networked systems supporting designers and programmers, and a full Internet presence.

Software Engineer, Teradyne, Boston, MA, 1984-1987.
Developed and maintained software for automatic test equipment and related systems, including: compiler development, statistical analysis, and data management.

- Education -

CS 296: Advanced Special Topics; Methods in Bioinformatics, UVM, Burlington, VT, 2011.

CS 205: Software Engineering, UVM, Burlington, VT, 2010.

Bachelor of Science, Computer Science, RPI, Troy, NY, 1986.

- Systems and Technologies (Keywords) -

Network: LAN, WAN, WLAN; Foundry / Cisco IOS; tcpdump / Wireshark / Ethereal / EtherPeek, nmap, ...

Systems: UNIX / Linux (CentOS / Red Hat / Fedora, Debian / Ubuntu, BSD, SunOS / Solaris, AIX), Mac OS X, Mac OS X Server, iOS (iPhone / iPad / iPod), Microsoft Windows & Windows Server, VAX/VMS, Palm OS.

Load Balancing: F5 BIG-IP LTM, HAProxy, nginx, Apache mod-proxy.

Virtualization & Cloud: VMware / ESX, RHEV, AWS / Amazon Web Services, EC2 / Elastic Compute Cloud, Rightscale, Parallels, VirtualBox.

Storage: Fibre Channel, SAS, SATA, PATA, SCSI; EBS & S3 (Amazon Elastic Block Store & Simple Storage Service); SAN, RAID; LVM, mdadm; Tape Library.

Backup / Archive: Retrospect, rsync, rsnapshot, BRU.

Infrastructure: HVAC / Cooling, Environmental Monitoring, UPS (Battery Backup), DR / Disaster Recovery, Fault Tolerance & Resilience.

Systems Monitoring & Management: Check_MK, Icinga & Nagios; Zenoss; InterMapper; splunk; Munin; DTrace.

Security: TLS / SSL, VPN, iptables / UFW, AppArmor, SonicOS, Kerberos, ClamAV.

Network Services: LDAP, Open Directory, DNS / BIND, DHCP, Bonjour / ZeroConf.

Shell / Command Line: Bash, tcsh, C Shell / csh, Emacs, AWK, sed, grep, cron, ...

Programming Languages: C, C++, Perl, Java, Javascript, Assembly.

Distributed: Hadoop / MapReduce.

Database: MySQL, PostgreSQL, Bucardo, FileMaker.

File Services: NFS, SMB / CIFS / SAMBA, AFP, sftp, ftp, Rumpus, FileRun.

Email: Postfix, Sendmail, Courier; Barracuda; SMTP, IMAP, POP.

Groupware & Collaboration: Confluence, Drupal, Kerio, FirstClass.

Web: Apache, Tomcat, HTTP / HTTPS, PHP, HTML, CGI, Lasso.

Package Management: YUM / RPM, APT / dpkg, emerge.

Other: JIRA, RT / Request Tracker, Citrix Presentation Server, KeyServer (License Metering).

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